Visit Luxembourg

Be captivated by a stay in Luxembourg, a cosmopolitan country in the heart of Europe.

Discover a multicultural city, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg's capital and seat of many European institutions. Between tradition and modernity, let yourself be surprised by its many tourist places to visit, its UNESCO World Heritage monuments and the numerous museums and squares. Plan your cultural outings with the agenda, full of ideas to complete your stay: festivals, exhibitions, theater ...


Nature and sports lovers ? Discover the regions around Luxembourg City. Enjoy different landscapes of the nature parks in the Luxembourg Ardennes or in the Mullerthal Region, with medieval castles and numerous hiking or mountain biking trails.... Just outside the city of Luxembourg, in the Guttland area,  the visitors will find an enchanting setting of charming villages, farm houses, imposing castles and beautiful natural landscapes. In the south of the country, you will discover the industrial past of the Red Rock Region, and its former steel-works sites. Oenophile ? Discover the Moselle Region with its steep vineyards. Don't hesitate to stop at a winery for some wine tasting.

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The Northern Region

Located in the northern part of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the Ardennes will surprise you with their vast spaces and green valleys. A true haven of nature, this region is ideally suited for hiking and many other outdoor activities. The Ardennes are also marked by their history and a rich, diverse cultural heritage.


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Mullerthal Region

Luxembourg's Little Switzerland

Often referred to as Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland, the Mullerthal Region - or Mëllerdall in Luxembourgish – owes its name to its hilly landscape reminiscent of Switzerland. The region is above all a unique biotope characterized by sandstone rock formations which are as beguiling as surprising. It is the unique composition of the rock and soil erosion that have contributed to the creation of this landscape so typical for the region.



Luxembourg's Moselle Region

Come and unwind in the Moselle valley. Flowing between the vineyards where the grapes for the great Moselle wine ripen, the romantic Moselle river froms the border between the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany. This is a region to be explored at leisure, whether by boat, by bicycle or on foot.

And just a few kilometers from the river a different yet equally enchanting landscape awaits discovery! Here, you can wander through scattered orchards, stroll through tranquil villages, and breathe in the clean air of our hills and meadows.

Simply unwind in Luxembourg's Moselle Region!


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Central / West Region

Just outside the city of Luxembourg, the visitors will find an enchanting setting of charming villages with old farm houses, imposing castles and beautiful natural landscapes.

The region offers a calm and peaceful environment, despite it being located at the geographic center of the country. Hundreds of kilometers of hiking and cycling trails meander through the untouched landscapes. The historic heritage is ubiquitous, whether in the Valley of the Seven Castles, on the many Gallo-Roman sites or in the rural museums. At the same time, antiquity and modernity go hand in hand in the Guttland region, which is shown by the plethora of regional innovative and sustainable projects.


The land of the Red Rocks

Unexpected sites in an unsuspected area

The region in the south of Luxembourg has been strongly marked by the industrial culture but has managed to give itself a new identity over time, where the industrial past and new technologies melt into a unique mixture. 

Hip and modern cities offer a large variety of places to visit and explore: rock festivals and arts exhibitions, traditional restaurants in former industrial sites and star cuisine, nature reserves and spectacular rides on mining trains and much more.

The „Land of the Red Rocks“ is young and dynamic, multicultural and colorful – simply a region of contrasts!


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