The types of accommodation available

Lodgings: price per week.

For guest rooms: price per night and per person (in €).


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Country & Farm-style Lodgings (GR)

Independent accommodation, faithful to the surrounding local ethos, in county setting and specially designed for tourists.


Independent accommodation, specially designed for tourists, within the precincts of a fully operating farm.


Holiday accommodations (MT)

Traditional design house, flat, studio, apartment or chalet in a typical country setting providing the same comfort as country lodgings.

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Guest rooms (BB)

Private rooms designed for tourists in privately owned homes. Family-style breakfast.

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Group lodgings (GG)

Fully equipped lodging, new or restored construction, in a typical country setting, suitable for 10 to 30 people. The dormitories are equipped for 5 to 15 people.


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