What is the difference between a a country lodging, bed & breakfast and a group lodging?

You will find comprehensive information on the different types of accommodation in "Accommodation types": There is always something for everyone with our holiday lodgings.

How do you go about booking your accommodation?

You contact the owner (direct booking), whose name, address and contact numbers are given in the individual entries. Take profit of the on-line search engine to find rapidly the best accommodation for your taste.

How is Rural Tourism accommodation checked?

All Rural Tourism accommodations are inspected regularly by an independent organ of representatives (ministries and national tourist board). Each address is given an ear-of-corn classification according to its setting, amenities, comfort and services, and given a rating at least once every four years. The accommodation is, of course, always inspected immediately in the event of a complaint.

I own a house for which I would like to apply for the quality mark of land tourism. What do I have to do ?

Visit the "Get Label" section, where you will find the most important information and have the possibility to download the relevant files. You can also leave your address at the Land-Tourism Association, you will then contact you and give you all the necessary information.

The signs of quality:

from the classified accommodation to the four ears accommodation

Providing holiday guests with a guaranteed quality for a reasonable price is one of the main objectives of the association for promotion of rural tourism in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Therefore all the accommodations offered in this brochure have been officially controlled and evaluated. The signs of quality “classified one ear, two, three or four ears” should provide holiday guests with a transparent and easily understandable information on the standard of comfort and facilities of the accommodations as well as the price.

The quality ranking has been done on the basis of criteria being in line with internationally valid standards; there is a distinction between basic criteria and assessment criteria which cover both external aspects - such as the immediate surroundings- and internal aspects in order to provide a complete picture of the accommodation offer.

The term "basic criteria" covers for example the presence of a terrace or lawn and features such as the right furnishing and fittings guaranteeing a Pleasant stay including a functional kitchen with the necessary cooking utensils and cutlery, a fully equipped bathroom and toilet and a properly furnished living room and bedrooms.

The assessment criteria determine quality ranking based on additional comfort offered. They also cover the service aspect, i.e. personal contact between the landlord and the guest.

Guests therefore have a choice of various quality levels:

  • classified accommodation: where the guests are assured of a certain degree of comfort guaranteeing a pleasant stay since all the basic criteria are met and further facilities may also be provided;
  • accommodation with one ear, two, three or four ears, naturally meeting all the basic criteria and, depending on the number of ears, providing increased comfort and better facilities.

The quality ranking with the indication of the number of ears is indicated in the description of each accommodation, as well as further details of the comfort in the apartments can be seen in the detailed list of each member on our website www.gites.lu.

Accommodations listed as "in course of classification” (en cours de classement - CC) mainly cover premises which have only recently been made available and which will be classified officially.

As proof of the quality rating, the holiday guest will find an official certificate in the apartments indicating the quality rating.