General information

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Is there a guide with listings for all holiday lodgings ?

Yes, there is a catalogue published by the association for rural tourism together with the National Tourist Board which offers a complete overview of the classified and not classified tourist lodgings in Luxembourg. You can order this yearly edited guide online on this web-site.

What is the difference between a farm-style lodging, a country lodging, bed & breakfast and a group lodging?

You will find comprehensive information on the different types of accommodation in "Accommodation types": There is always something for everyone with our holiday lodgings.

How do you go about booking your accommodation?

You contact the owner (direct booking), whose name, address and contact numbers are given in the individual entries. Take profit of the on-line search engine to find rapidly the best accommodation for your taste.

How is Rural Tourism accommodation checked?

All Rural Tourism accommodations are inspected regularly by an independent organ of representatives (ministries and national tourist board). Each address is given an ear-of-corn classification according to its setting, amenities, comfort and services, and given a rating at least once every four years. The accommodation is, of course, always inspected immediately in the event of a complaint.

I own a house for which I would like to apply for the quality mark of land tourism. What do I have to do ?

Visit the "Get Label" section, where you will find the most important information and have the possibility to download the relevant files. You can also leave your address at the Land-Tourism Association, you will then contact you and give you all the necessary information.